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What is Powerseed
The Powerseed is a high quality portable power supply for your portable device. The housing is made of an aluminum alloy for strength and durability and trimmed with aircraft grade acrylic. Inside is a high quality rechargeable lithium ion battery protected by an intelligent charging circuit, which also protects your device. The Powerseed will charge the average smartphone from 1.5 to 6 times, depending on the model. Once the Powerseed is fully charged, it will last up to 3 months without using it. With a 5 volt 1 amp output, the Powerseed will charge your device at the same rate as plugging your device into the wall. The Powerseed will charge any device that uses USB to charge, Cell Phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows), Tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook, Android Tablets), Portable music/ video players (iPod, Mp4,etc), Cameras and anything else that uses a USB cable to charge.
Why Powerseed
You know that feeling when you get home from work, and you’re headed out for dinner or errands, and you realize your phone is dead? What do you do, stay home for an extra 20min to get just an extra 20% charge on your phone? With the Powerseed you can take the power with you! Now you can charge your device while you’re at sitting at the restaurant, or while you’re in the grocery store. Power when you need it, where you need it!

What happens if you’re so busy one night, you forget to plug your phone in to charge overnight? When you wake up, you can’t afford to stay home and charge your phone. You need to go to work. Take your Powerseed with you, and you can have your phone charging on the go, and won’t miss any important calls or emails.

With a variety of colours and models, we have a Powerseed for every personality and situation.